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We are continually working on our website performance, and our results speak for themselves.
Look at the comparisons to see for yourself at tests completed using Google's Auditing Tools.

Don't just believe a claim that a business can do what you need. Test that claim!
A quick audit will show you if the companies promising you the results can do so themselves.

How to Audit a Site
1. Open the website you want to test in Google Chrome
2. Right click on a blank space and choose "Inspect"
3. Choose "Audits" from the menu that appears to the right
4. Click "Generate Report"

dataNdesigns Performance Audit
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Google (Scored 68)

Googles own performance

dataNdesigns (Scored 62)

datandesigns performance

AIMQ - dataNdesigns (Scored 72)

AIMQ performance

Microsoft (Scored 31)

Microsoft performance

Yatala - dataNdesigns (Scored 58)

Yatala Outboard Wreckers performance

Go Daddy (Scored 30)

Go Daddy Performance

Excite Media (Scored 8)

Excite Media performance

Amazon (Scored 21)

Amazon Performance
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